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This toolkit is a resource for financial counsellors. It covers the significant changes following the COVID-19 pandemic and provides information and resources to assist you in your work.

This website will be updated when changes to approach and financial assistance are announced. Please check the page date when looking at the information.

There are big changes to every aspect of financial counselling. Here are some general tips:

  • Use a trauma informed approach with all your clients

  • Take care of yourself so you can help your clients effectively

  • Be honest and realistic about the pandemic. It is difficult for everyone and will be awful for some people

  • It will take some time to recover

  • Reassure clients (and yourself) that enforcement proceedings should be minimal 

  • Encourage clients to keep in contact with their creditors, and be patient about the process

  • Encourage clients to keep making affordable repayments to high priority debts including rent, mortgage, utilities and loans

  • Be aware of the effect of compounding interest on debts and assist clients to develop strategies to manage this (including making repayments and/or negotiating reductions in interest)

  • Many clients will want early access to their superannuation. Explaining the consequences and considering other options will be important advice.
    This page was last updated on 27/04/2020

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