This is a summary of some of the financial assistance announced to date. Find out about:

  • Centrelink income support)

  • Economic Support Payments

  • Support for retirees 

  • Resources

For clients who need assistance the first step is to check if there is a Centrelink payment they can now get. See Centrelink Payment and Service Finder.  Your client should also check if they are eligible for JobKeeper.



JobSeeker is the new name for Newstart Allowance. With the coronavirus pandemic, the Government has announced a temporary increase in the payment. Find out about:
  • What’s changed

  • What do the changes mean?

  • What do you do differently?

  • Eligibility for JobSeeker

  • Applying for JobSeeker

  • Ongoing reporting and obligations

  • Resources 



The JobKeeper payment is a temporary scheme for businesses affected by the coronavirus. It aims to keep people in their jobs and restart when the crisis is over. Find out about:

  • What’s changed

  • What do you do differently?

  • Which one? JobKeeper or JobSeeker?

  • People who do not qualify for JobKeeper or JobSeeker

  • Resources 


Emergency Assistance

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a challenging time for everyone in Australia (and the world). This is a short guide to emergency financial assistance that your client can access if they are struggling to meet their basic needs.



Assistance for individuals

What’s changed?

State and Territory Governments have all announced specific assistance for people. 



What’s changed?

Many people (up to a million) are in Australia on a range of temporary visas. The pandemic means that many of those people are now unemployed.

Many will not qualify to receive JobSeeker or JobKeeper payments.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is for financial counsellors only. It is general information only. Financial counsellors must still tailor advice to their client’s individual circumstances. 

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