What do the changes mean?

  • Some States and Territories  put in place measures to protect tenants from eviction who have
    been affected financially by COVID-19

  • These measures have ended in Queensland, Tasmania and the ACT. 

  • They will end at the end of March 2021 in NSW, Vic and Western Australia.

  • South Australia has extended the provisions until May 31 2021.

  • The NT did not introduce any extra measures to protect tenants

  • NSW  plans to introduce a 6-month transition period out of their temporary rental eviction moratorium, which expires 26 March 2021.

Page last updated on 9/3/2021

State and Territory residential tenancy relief

Who am I?

I was an overweight adolescent/young adult who found my way to weight loss and fitness in my twenties. I lost 50 pounds and learned how to keep it off FOR GOOD. That’s the hard part, and I want to help you achieve lasting change, too. I’m also a… · ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Health Coach · ACE Certified Personal Trainer · Nutrition Science and Behavioral Change graduate certificate holder from Tufts University · Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute Corporate Athlete Certified Trainer · Flexitarian, mindfulness facilitator and exercise enthusiast · Voracious reader of books and articles about nutrition, health and well-being · Hospitality Professional · Avid Traveler and Golfer · Artist

What types of people do I work with?

I work anyone that is ready to make permanent lifestyle/well-being changes. I take an individualized approach and consider the body, mind and spirit in my coaching.

What is my typical process for working with clients?

· Initial complimentary 30-minute call to ensure a good “connection” (both ways). · Analysis of three health assessment documents you would complete. · Set-up of a shared Google Doc working form. · Goal-setting call where we will outline your current health, uncover what holds you back from the health you want and set specific and mutually agreed upon goals. · Calls to discuss progress, including call notes and tracking. · Celebration of successes and goal adjustments. · Text and email “tips” and check-ins. I listen, care and ask powerful questions that help you gain clarity around what matters most in your life. I will then guide us to develop specific goals that will lead to your healthy lifestyle changes – for good. As your health coach, I will provide ongoing support and motivation.

What do FOR GOOD Health Coaching services cost?

Getting started is $50.00 and includes the review and analysis of your health assessments and the set-up of our shared site including initial recommendations for goal-setting. Each coaching session is then $70.00 and frequency will be determined individually. Discounts are available for committments of multiple months. Payments can be made by Paypal or Venmo (516-816-1254 or Because doing GOOD is important to me, a portion of proceeds will be donated to a health-related charity

What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness expert who helps you feel your best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet your unique needs and works with you to develop and meet your health goals.

What do you do differently?

Page last updated on 01/06/2020

  • Tenants should be encouraged to negotiate with their landlord
    for a rent reduction, if needed.

  • There will be a tension between what the client can afford in rent and what reduction the landlord may be able to afford (or thinks is reasonable). 

  • Deferrals should still be avoided because this just creates a debt. We do not know when the pandemic will end so the debt could get very large.

  • If a tenant is still being threatened with eviction, this is an urgent situation and the tenant needs tenancy advice. People will still be evicted because they may not meet the criteria for protection.