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What do the changes mean?

It will cost less for eligible customers to travel on certain toll roads where payments are managed by Linkt.

Some roads are not eligible for the scheme, including Eastlink (Victoria), M5 South-West Motorway (New South Wales), Sydney Harbour Bridge & Tunnel (New South Wales) and Toowoomba Bypass (Queensland).

Eligible customers include:

  • People who lost their job due to covid-19 and are still unemployed
  • People who have experienced significantly reduced hours or income
  • Small business owners with <20 employees who have experienced significantly reduced income
  • Existing Linkt Assist customers whose situation has worsened as a result of COVID-19 (case by case assessment)
  • Frontline workers supporting the COVID-19 response during Stage 4 restrictions in Victoria can now also apply for the program to receive toll credits for the duration of Stage 4 restrictions.

Current recipients of the Toll Credit Support Scheme will be able to submit an application to continue to receive toll credits until 31 December. Applications for the current program (1 July to 30 September) are currently open. More information about how to make an application for the next phase (1 October to 31 December 2020) will be available soon.

What has not changed?

Customers who don’t meet the criteria for toll credits and are in hardship can still access the Linkt Assist hardship program.

If motorists don’t pay their tolls then recovery processes can continue as usual including Penalty Notices, Enforcement Proceedings and suspension of licence.

If your client has a dispute about a toll, they can make a complaint to the Tolling Customer Ombudsman (after raising a dispute with Linkt).


Linkt Assist Toll Credit Program

Linkt Assist

Tolling Customer Ombudsman

What do you do differently?

  • Check if your client may be eligible to participate in the Toll Credit Scheme and encourage them to apply.
  • If your client has toll debt and would have been eligible for the Toll Credit Scheme at the time of travel then assist them to apply for a full toll credit.
  • If your client does not meet the full criteria for the scheme, but has been impacted by COVID-19, assist them to apply for a partial toll credit or request a waiver of the toll debt incurred during the COVID-19 period (from 1 April).



This page last updated on 06/11/20